Welcome To Cinderella Hair Extensions

by Salon Alon

Since 1994 Cinderella Hair Extensions continues to be a leader in offering clients worldwide unique and innovative professional hair extension solutions. Our Hair Your Way® is the benchmark of our Company and we will continue to bring you unique and innovative products. We offer 6 professional application methods and over 76 colors making it easy to choose from method system and length is best for you and your lifestyle. Our hair is 100% human remy hair which means the hair cuticle is facing in the same direction which prevents tangling and matting. Our remy hair allows the blending with your own hair and gives you the confidence and appearance of natural, healthy looking hair.

Our Classic Bond Hair Extensions which is the most popular attachment method. We can customize the size of our Classic Bond to fit virtually any type of hair style to make them undetectable and our removal process is so unique that the bond turns into powder – leaving no mess and sticky residue.

Classic Organic Bond

By using low levels of heat to soften and contour the classic Organic Bond around the hair shaft, our hair extensions will last from 4-6months with proper maintenance. This is the most popular form of hair extensions and recommended for all hair types

Classic Organic Bond Removal

Cinderella Hair Bond Remover is applied to each bond. The bond will soften and your stylist will apply gentle pressure with the Bond Remover Instrument allowing the bond to slide off along with hair extension. Any residual bond is easily removed from your hair with a gentle shampooing

I-Hair® and Flat Tip I-Hair® is a similar strand by strand application method as our Classic Bond and they are professionally attached with I-Links® and ho heat is required and can be reused again.

T-Hair® Tape Extensions is uniquely designed to be applied in such a way that the hair is “sandwiched” between 2 reusable strips of hair and secured in place with our T-Hair Sealer.

Hair Strips® is designed to give volume and length in about an hour. Each strip is 3” wide and secured in place with I-Links®.

If you are looking for an alternative to the traditional hair weft and are tired of sewing or braiding, Hair Veil® will save time and money. Attachment is done with I-Links® and this hair is secured to a very thin 30” wide polyurethane base giving you the flexibility to customize sizing from the nape up the crown of the head.


Free Consultation

You can scheduale your free consultation by calling Customer Service Sunday – Friday 8AM to 5PM

Rewards Program

Earn 15% Reward Points for every $100 in purchases and you will be able to redeem points for virtually everything Cinderella Hair Extensions offers.

Hair Quality

Cinderella Hair Extensions are guaranteed to last up to 6 months when applied by a Certified Stylist and proper hair maintenance is followed.

Choose from 7 Piece Clip-in Hair System, Clip-in Bangs and Single Strand”

100% Human Remy Hair

Fade Free Hair

Our hair goes through a process ensuring color and shine is locked into each hair strand offering you over 76 natural, vibrant and blended colors.

Naturally Blended Ends

Instead of a blunt or straight line of hair, the ends of our hair will blend naturally into any hair style. If you desire more of a straight line trimming very little will achieve this.


I love Cinderella Hair Extensions for many different reasons! I always leave happy after I get my hair extension, the quality of hair is second to none and Salon Alon customer service ROCKS!!!!!

Michelle R.

Salon Alon is Cinderella hair trained and certified for over 20 years.. I’ve tried many other brands and Salons Salon Alon truly has the highest quality hair with a great variety of methods so they can customize the application to my wants and needs. I have got excellent results using thier solutions.

Miranda C.

I got Cinderella Hair because the quality is phenomenal. I’ve spent a lot of money on other brands and none have matched the quality of Cinderella. I’ve been very pleased with the way the hair performs over many months of wear – almost regardless of how well I did – or didn’t – baby them! The variety of colors and lengths is amazing, giving me many options to work with. I have to say that I also appreciate how creative, commited and caring, the stylist was throughout the process.

Cathy T.

Salon Alon offer Cinderella hair products because of the quality, texture, and the luxurious results you see on clients. I have used several other salon products in the past and feel that Cinderella has the best quality product in our market. Having I-Link extensions didn't damage my hair because of the silicone inside the cylinders. I love my Cinderella extensions and I rave about how beautiful they feel after the transformation.

Theresa D.

Over the past 20 years, I have had different brands of hair extensions. These are some of the things I love about Cinderella; the quality and consistency of the 100% human hair, the huge variety of colors, lengths and textures of hair, and the variety of optional applications that are available to choose from. I found a method that fits, my needs. I am proud to work with and recommend Salon Alon!

Ely A.

I was using “X” brand of extensions and they were ok, but once I changed to Cinderella Hair I noticed the difference in the hair quality. No more “X” brands for me! Having hair extensions for over 20 years, you get to see things come and go. One thing that stood out for me is the Cinderella Hair Extensions have been around for over 30 years and it shows in their price and most importantly the quality of their hair

Cindy S.

I choose Cinderella hair because when it comes to extensions, I have tried other brands in the past and the quality and longevity was never great for melike it was when I use Cinderella Hair. I LOVE the realistic shine and the feel of the hair. I LOVE the ability to treat the Extensions as their OWN hair. I LOVE how Salon Alon customize the extensions for my hair needs. Being able to work with ONE COMPANY that offers multiple methods is GREAT for my hair situation.

Mindy M.

I have Cinderella Hair for so many reasons I could write pages on it. First and foremost, the hair is the best quality I can find and holds its color and elasticity above and beyond. The options Salon Alon offers in color, length, and application methods are like no other, they have it all! I love getting my hair extensions and could not be happier to recommand Salon Alon for offering this fabulous brand!

Kristan S.

Salon Alon Cinderella Hair Extensions quality is outstanding! The spectrum of colors is vast. I love the attention Salon Alon give me whether I have questions or when they are putting in extensions for length or volume Salon Alon offers the most options and the price is fair. I am hooked!


I continue to get Cinderella Hair Extensions year after year because of the overall quality of the hair. Salon Alon continues to deliver a good product at a fair price that keeps me coming back. Salon Alon offer the best customer service with fast service for those last-minute clients that need hair right away!