Salon Alon is a full-service salon dedicated to giving you confidence in your hair. Everything we do is focused on the specific needs and circumstances of each of our customers, so whether you're looking for a new style or , whether you need treatment to improve your hair, or whether you dealing with hair loss, Salon Alon can create a solution that works for you.








If you can’t remember what it felt like to run your fingers through your hair – or better yet, when someone else did – it’s time for you to visit Salon Alon and find out how we can help bring back that feeling.


Losing your hair is not an experience that anyone signs up for willingly. Our hair is so much part of our identity that its loss can make us feel incomplete and less confident. And for anyone who suffers from hair loss knows only too well, finding out what solutions are available, let alone figuring out how to choose the right one, can be a frustrating and demoralizing process.


At Salon Alon, there is no such thing as “one size fits all”. We understand that each hair loss condition, each person experiencing hair loss, is unique. We work with each customer to create a personalized solution that addresses their specific circumstances and needs. We treat all types and stages of hair loss from through progressive loss, to advanced conditions including total hair loss. What many hair loss sufferers don't know is that there are hair replacement solutions for every stage of hair loss. We can create solutions regardless of the cause of hair loss and, in many cases, create and treatment programs that can restore and improve your hair.

And, just as importantly, we can cut, style and even your hair and hair loss solutions you the look you want.




Service Categories


Non - Surgical Hair Replacement

Nonsurgical method of hair replacement is a proven option for those who suffer from considerable hair loss and would like to take their younger-looking appearance back and enjoy the life while having a full head of hair


Personalized Hair Replacement

Let us help restore your hair!

Fill out our registration form or contact us today to book an appointment with our first-class specialist who will help you find out and eliminate any hair problems you may have.

Call us, your hair restoration experts:

(888) 868-3334

The cost starts at: $120.00


Llene nuestro formulario de inscripción o comuníquese con nosotros hoy para reservar una cita con nuestro especialista de primera clase que le ayudará a encontrar y eliminar cualquier problema de pelo que tenga.

Llámenos, su pelo, expertos en restauración: (888) 868-3334 el costo comienza en: $120,00


Our salon only offers organic and natural hair solutions which will make your dream of having your hair back a reality!

The hair solutions that we offer are all custom-made and produced out of a top quality human hair. We always match the hair that we use with the hair of any given client.

This matching includes the texture, nature of curl or wave, or straightness, as well as hair density.

The innovative, frontier technologies that we use at every step of the hair building process ensure that our hair restoration solutions are the ultimate choice available!


Método no quirúrgico de reemplazo de cabello es una opción probada para aquellos que sufren de pérdida de cabello considerable y le gustaría recuperar su aspecto joven y disfrutar de la vida teniendo un jefe completo del pelo.

Nuestro salón ofrece sólo orgánicos y soluciones de pelo natural que hará que su sueño de tener su pelo de nuevo una realidad!

Las soluciones de pelo que ofrecemos son por encargo y producidos de un cabello humano de calidad superior. Siempre igualamos el pelo que usamos con el pelo de cualquier cliente determinado.

Este juego incluye el color, textura, carácter de rizo u onda, o rectitud, así como la densidad del pelo.

Las innovadoras tecnologías de frontera que utilizamos en cada paso del proceso de construcción de cabello que sean nuestras soluciones de restauración de cabello la mejor opción disponible.

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