"I love the way my new hair appears and I feel much younger. It feels like my own growing hair that I once had. It does require some maintenance, but I guess that is the price you pay for having such beautiful and natural looking hair! My friends and people I meet always compliment me on how young I look. It seems to take years away my age. Alon is really professional, candid and very genteel. I am really happy with the decision I made and the results I have gotten." Alex G.

"I found Salon Alon after being a client at another salon for 2 years. I was not happy with the services and price, however Salon Alon has been outstanding. Salon Alon is a class A operation with individual rooms and always accommodate me with appointments. The Newton Center location, is near work. I wish I knew about it before I began. I am on a hair program and pay a monthly fee. The process looks great and I feel it is part of me. Salon Alon offers better result than a mediocre transplant, which I used to put up with. - Karl G. 


"Being in the entertainment industry I see many new techniques, but your product surpasses them all. I would likewise like to commend Alon on his outstanding service performance. I feel very safe and comfortable in his hands." Sammy J.

“I read all the time that celebs are having hair extensions and I thought there is no way I could afford this. When I rang Salon Alon how wrong was I! I now have the hair I want at the price I can easily afford. I love it”! Kathy Halley.

"I spent thousands of dollars and experienced considerable pain in trying hair transplants. Besides being costly, they look awful. Then I tried one of your competitions. After two years of poor service, substandard quality of hair replacement and rude employees, I got fed up and came to Salon Alon. For me, you are the only solution for my hair loss problem. Thank you Alon" Paul Z. 

Amazing... I can't say enough about Alon - I've told everyone I know, that I had the best haircut of my life there, and went back for color.... a different style, and I wouldn't dream of going anywhere else. Before he starts, he wants to know what your lifestyle allows for... what easiest for you. He is a true artist. He looks at everything, the direction your hair grows in... he starts with getting your hair in the best possible condition, and teaches you, what you can do and why! And how it works... he really takes his time. I didn't realize what my hair could do, or what it could look like, until he taught me simple changes to make my hair look it's best, without a lot of maintenance. His salon is super relaxing and comfortable. It has a great vibe and I would tell anyone, no matter what you're looking for, he can accommodate your needs. Every time I leave his salon i feel like a movie star... :)

I recently moved into the area and did not know where I was going to go to get my hair cut and colored. I found Alon's website and saw that he gave free initial consultations. I appreciated the time that he spent with me in understanding my hair needs. Alon has been cutting and coloring my hair for the past six months and I am totally pleased each time. What a find he was! JulieP

Newton's best kept secret. Alon could easily run his salon in Manhattan or Paris. Thank goodness he's right here in Newton. He is the finest hairdresser I've ever worked with. Indeed, I have seen him since I was a teenager. He is an expert colorist. He is a perfectionist and you will leave his salon, feeling younger, prettier and lighter. Love this guy! He's the best!

Here are more raving testimonials from a few of our fans not just satisfied customers

"Thanks to all of our loyal customers for your support over the last twenty years. We are looking forward to continuing to serve you in the coming year and thank you for your continued patronage as we provide the outstanding in hair care services."

My dear Alon, Thank you for taking care of me and doing my hair. So many people thought I looked like a princess, even the place where my mom has her hair styled, they all wanted to know who did my hair. Even a couple of the stylists wanted to know your technique. I just told them all, " If you want the best you go to the Hair Master himself"! Alon you are more than just a master of hair, you are an Angel. With much love and gratitude, Jackie

I've been a happy customer of Salon Alon. When my previous hair stylist unexpectedly moved away, I got recommended by a friend to see Alon. I couldn't be more thrilled with how he cut and color my hair. I really appreciate the personalized service and attention to detail. I keep coming back for more. I always leave the salon looking and feeling fabulous thanks Alon!

Dear alon- sorry I didn't have your card. I could have passed it out on the plane. Only problem-I was flying the wrong way.- love my hair cut!!! Happy Holidays!

I love going to salon Alon! I've had my hair done by Alon twice now, and he had cut my hair just the right way. It is so hard to find a stylist who TRULY knows how to cut curly hair well and knows about the technique of "twist-cutting". Alon is down-to-earth yet artistic, and friendly. He taught me all about my hair and the important use of hair detoxifier. I also appreciate that Alon makes a conscious effort to use all natural hair care products.

Thanks for your kindness and interest in making me look good.

Alons' extraordinary talent, expertise, and diligence in creating a masterful success will transform your appearance into the most flattering and modern day hairstyle. The image is very important; and this philosophy is fully respected and embraced by Alon. If you are considering the move towards the next step in hair care or hair restoration regardless of your circumstances, you will find that in the little corner of Newton Centre, MA on Langley, there is an artist who is driven and determined to deliver the best of his craft to his customer; this certainly separates him and holds him exemplary among his peers. Think of Alon as Vincent Van Gogh with his artistry utensil; where you are the canvas or perhaps the clay, and he is the modern-day sculptor. Alon is working together with professional hair care companies. To bring more glamorous hair care with breakthrough treatments and cutting-edge styling.

Great products, good prices, and best customer service, I have recommended your Salon to many people. I wish you much success in the future. God Bless!

Dear Alon- I just want to thank you for helping me survive the last year with my short hair. It has now grown out nice and healthy. Thank you again for all your help.

Alon you strongly believe that hair color needs to be individual and provide me with the right processes for my hair to ensure a professional result, one more time. I am really delighted as you always, keep my hair looking great and stylish. Thank you.

I can't stop looking in the mirror I absolutely love my hair and it's just what I wanted.

Dear Alon! I am sure you've heard it all before: "You're the best!" !Thanks a ton!" "You rock!" You MADE My Day.. Actually My WHOLE LIFE!!!

We are looking for more success stories from customers like you.

Alon, is very talented and offers professional, quality service. He's able to provide high end products and services at reasonable prices. He takes his time, and exhibits sincere interest in making you feel satisfied and happy. If you are not happy. Alon is not happy. He wants you to leave his Salon feeling good and looking good. He is the best in Massachusetts. I have been to many Salons offering hair systems, and no one compares to the attention, craft, and elegance that Salon Alon offers. I have been going to Alon for hair care services for over 5 years, and I cannot imagine ever finding anyone else who could do a better job than Alon. It is his love of detail and an "eye" on style that makes him the full package.


Dear Alon, Thanks for being creative, patient, understanding, and flexible.

If you are having hair loss, and feel uncomfortable and unhappy with your looks. Be strong, and call Alon. He will be your angel that you are seeking. Alon can create a style for you, that will re-new your confidence.

Alon is a hidden gem. He is smart, creative, professional, nice, and reliable, He truly wants the best for you and loves to hear all your joys of good looking hair!

- Alon will create a hair style that complements the geometry of your face, skin and eye color.

Alon gave me an amazing short haircut and blond highlights that looks fabulous and NATURAL. I can't say enough about my experience. All I can say is Alon is amazing, and he really listened to what I wanted, and I'm so happy to have discovered his salon

Alon is the best at what he does. I've been a loyal customer since 2004. I consider his opinion very trustworthy. He is a true hair master that has the skill to assess the best styles for you based on your face shape. I've kept coming back for more. He's very knowledgeable about hair care and also helped me out with my dry hair. Thanks Alon. You rock.

Alon, I'm grateful for your dedication and excellent work. You helped me regain my confidence. I am able to hold my chin up high once again while out in public places. I am a new person. I love my new hair. I think you are fantastic . I get compliments all the time on my gorgeous smile. I have such an appreciation for what a labor of love that really was. Blessings upon you.

I never liked the way I looked when I was losing my hair. Thank you Alon for your hard work and effort! I don’t only look great, but I feel young and healthy at my age. When I look in the mirror each day, I see a handsome me. The way I’m supposed to be. You have changed my life completely, and I am forever thankful.

Hi Alon, I just wanted to let you know that you did a fabulous job on my color and cut. It's exactly what I wanted and I've received so many compliments! You ARE the best at what you do!

Alon is awesome!! I have a frizzy hard to handle hair. While searching for a Brazilian hair keratin service, I came across Salon

Alon great reviews. Simply smooth treatment does work! My hair is straight with perfect body and shine!

Dear Alon, We loved having you at the reception. We had so much fun. Alon thank you for making me beautiful for my wedding. You are the greatest.

- People I hardly know ask who my hairdresser is, the cut is so great. That never happened before. See you soon and thanks so very much.