Special Treatments

We Offer

4 Sessions incl./Laser Hair Regrowth 

$150-90 minutes each

Laser therapy is intended not just for people who are losing and who have lost their hair. It can be also applied for a timely hair loss prevention.

*Treatments are tailored to each individual's needs where necessary. All our treatments are non-surgical and carried out in the clinic. Services may include: Infra-red light therapy, UV light therapy, and high-frequency therapy.


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4 Sessions incl./Hair Loss Treatments

$650-120 minutes each

Men, and sometimes women, notice that their hair is thinning prematurely for several different reasons. Age, genetics, illness, and other factors all play a role in hair loss.


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Free Hair Analysis

We offer extensive hair analysis tests that provide indicators of nutritional and mineral deficiencies and possible toxicities. The results of a hair analysis are used by our Trichologists to provide a treatment program designed specifically for you.


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Free Consultation

Required for all new clients in order to assess and diagnose their condition. Hair should be left for 24 hours prior to your consultation, enabling a more effective diagnosis.


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