My own story – professionally and personally – is the foundation of my work at Salon Alon.

Born in France, I went into the family business – hair care – and it has been my career and motivation ever since.  I had the very best training in cutting and styling – attending Wella and Vidal Sassoon training schools – and continue to make a point of staying up to date on the latest trends, styles, equipment and techniques.

After moving to the US in 1991, I worked at a number of leading salons before setting up my own business in 1997.  But it was my own experience with hair loss that changed my life and drove me to create Salon Alon as it is now.  Like most people, I had not paid much attention to hair loss solutions until I started losing my own hair.  I quickly came to understand, on the deeply personal basis that all hair loss sufferers know, how hard it was to find good solutions, let alone the right one.  And, as a trained stylist, I also realized how hard it was to incorporate fashion and style with any of the available hair loss solutions.

As a result, I decided to become qualified as a licensed cosmetologist with a specialty in trichology* so I could combine my training and experience as a stylist with my knowledge of hair loss solutions and give hair loss sufferers the very best of both.

Today, Salon Alon provides the best in style, fashion and hair care to all its clients, and offers a range of hair loss solutions for all conditions. I’m proud to say that my business is the beauty and care of your hair – whatever your needs and whatever the condition of your hair.

* Trichology:  The branch of medical and cosmetic study and practice concerned with the hair and scalp.