Salon Alon is a full-service salon dedicated to giving you confidence in your hair. Everything we do is focused on the specific needs and circumstances of each of our customers, so whether you're looking for a new style or color, whether you need treatment to improve your hair, or whether you're dealing with hair loss, Salon Alon can create a solution that works for you.
Hair Cutting and Styling
Hair Care and Treatments 
Hair Loss Solutions
If you can't remember what it felt like to run your fingers through your hair – or better yet, when someone else did – it's time for you to visit Salon Alon and find out how we can help bring back that feeling.

Losing your hair is not an experience that anyone signs up for willingly. Our hair is so much part of our identity that its loss can make us feel incomplete and less confident. And for anyone who suffers from hair loss knows only too well, finding out what solutions are available, let alone figuring out how to choose the right one, can be a frustrating and demoralizing process.

At Salon Alon, there is no such thing as “one size fits all”. We understand that each hair loss condition, each person experiencing hair loss, is unique. We work with each customer to create a personalized solution that addresses their specific circumstances and needs. We treat all types and stages of hair loss from early stage, through progressive loss, to advanced conditions including total hair loss. What many hair loss sufferers don't know is that there are hair replacement solutions for every stage of hair loss. We can create solutions regardless of the cause of hair loss and, in many cases, create complementary hair care and treatment programs that can restore and improve your hair.

And, just as importantly, we can cut, style and even color your hair and hair loss solutions to give you the look you want.

Hair Loss Solutions for Women
If you are experiencing loss of confidence due to thinning or damaged hair, we offer advanced, personalized hair solutions that recreate the structure and density of your hair and create a look and feel like your real hair has turned back.  We help you recover the feeling.
While providing you with the tools and information you require to understand the different hair loss solutions that are available to you today, we can help you choose the next step in treating your hair loss.  We extend a companionate and supportive atmosphere to all women who are seeking to restore their hair and ultimately have their life back.



Wigs and Hairpieces
We empower women with hair loss to feel beautiful inside and out. By providing knowledge about unique solutions available to them. Lauren, Emily, and Jessica; share their struggles and victories, we have followed their hair loss journey and support others on the way. They are the essence of beauty and courage.

Active life real hair wigs and hairpieces are ready to improve your appearance and provide you with higher confidence and personal fulfillment. We will help you expertly fit your wig or hairpiece to your head shape and hair pattern to ensure, seamless and natural look.
The sort of assistance you are looking for and need. We are offering to extend our help, knowledge, and expertise.

We are a full-service salon - offering a private room setting for consultation, cutting, styling, as well as washing and hair care treatments. We are registered providers with MA healthcare to help file insurance claims. We also feature complimentary products, Headwear, and make-up.

Solutions we offer but not limited to:

• Hair Extensions
• Cranial Prosthesis
• Hair Integration
• Wigs
• Extended Wear Solutions
• Volume Enhancers

Introducing a lightweight petite construction suitable for a youngster or small head shape size. Constructed from 100% fine quality human hair with the non-slick skin.

Featuring a lace front for a more natural hair line look were hair can be styled of the face and lace top as well to mimic a natural scalp and anywhere parting appearance. The hair is 16" long and has a layered look to offer many cuttings and styling options: add bangs, or just cut all one length, or style and drawback to ponytails.
Hair Extensions
Hair extension services employ realistic looking hair to give you beautiful long hair without the wait. Extensions can be added to allow dramatic special effects and up dos which may not be possible with your natural hair length and type. 

Cinderella Hair Extension Methods
The most luxurious hair extensions salon service available today.  In our salon, most women appreciate the privilege to add length, volume or even chemical-free highlights with hair extensions within minutes to under an hour.
Offering individual hair extension methods options. Determining a method that works best for you depends on several factors, including hair type, lifestyle, and budget.
Our hair extension methods can be broken down into four different attachments; strand by strand, weft, clip extensions, and micro-link skin weft.  Below you will find more information for the various methods, including, budget, pros, cons, and recommended maintenance.

Offering The Right Hair Extensions Choice.


Are you ready to try hair extensions, but not sure where to go? Discovering the perfect hair extension method and brand can seem very intimidating. We have laid out everything you need to make the right choice! Follow the steps below, and soon you will have the hair of your dreams.

We compare all hair extension methods first
We pick the hair extension method that works best for your hair type and lifestyle. There are a variety of hair extension methods available that will meet your needs. Here are our most common hair extension methods that also available on the marketplace:

Hair Loss Examination
If you are experiencing a stage of hair loss, beginning or have been for years, our trained stylist and consultant can evaluate your situation and needs will show you how the latest technology in solutions specially designed to work for you.
Our consultations are free and private, with no pressure or any obligation.
Hair Restoration
Hair restoration services utilize the latest technologies in hair loss mitigation and restoration to help you keep the hair you have and improve the appearance of your hair. Results vary depending on the degree of hair loss and many genetic and health factors. Call today to learn more about our hair restoration program.
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Receive a free Hair and Scalp evaluation. Our expert hair technician will analyze your current hair growth status by examining closely at the scalp area to look for significant hair loss and for active hair growth. Schedule your free consultation with Alon.
Receive free hair extensions at home hair care maintenance kit with any new hair extension service. Our expert hair technician will help design your future hairstyle by adding the necessary volume and length you need; also highlights or low lights. 
Men's Haircuts

Looking for a good haircut? Salon Alon has got you covered. The best men's haircuts cater to face shape, hair type, and lifestyle. Bringing your best fade, crop, medium, short, or long hair thin out by only a professional hair stylist. Ask our hair stylist Alon to create the cut just for you. Choose from classics like a hard part comb over or a short crop to new favorites like a slick back, pompadour or a man bun. Whether you have curly hair, straight hair, fine or thick hair, Salon Alon has a haircut that will complement your look!
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